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January 24, 2010

Hello ladies & league fans!

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For years I have been part of a group of women who started as a typical book group. All of us love books and found ourselves planning incredible meals around the books we read. Sometimes we even chose authors to suit our cravings. We shared stories, recipes–and we ate really well! We thought, how amazing it would be to share our menus and conversations with others or get ideas from book groups doing similar things in their corner of the world.

The Lovely Ladies Book Group Founders

The Lovely Ladies Book Group Founders

I call them the “Lovely Ladies Luncheon League” a hold over from another group that started over lunch at work. Although the work group doesn’t meet anymore, the philosophy here is the same. We depend and need each other.  Our family of friends. At the core of the league are six women who have been together for years. As different as you can imagine, but all intelligent, talented & unique . Each a character in her own right. Lately we have expanded beyond books and have become more event driven—movies, art shows, whatever inspires a get together. (Naturally, there is always food involved). Our numbers are growing…sometimes to 10 or 12, or it can be 1 or 2, it really doesn’t matter, it’s the quality of the company that counts.

Although I have my own web site and had grand intentions of a creating a fancy salon devoted to the league, this blog seemed like the place start. So I thought, how about this crazy idea, let’s start blogging about our adventures together. The goal is to share activities in communal place for these amazing woman to contribute whatever & whenever the spirit moves them. Trust me there is plenty of spirit to go around!

Let the Luncheon begin..


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