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October 11, 2015

Fermentation Fest 2015

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After and incredibly long haitus from blogging, I am roaring back with the 5th Annual Fermentation Festival 2015. On the final day of the fest, we wandered the backroads of Wisconsin in Sauk County’s through beautiful working lands and natural landscapes.

The DTour is dappled with temporary art installations and stands selling fresh, locally grown produce. There are educational sites, Farm Forms, Pasture Performances and more!

Standout moments—Brenda Baker’s laundry on the line, Monday is Wash Day and the Driftless Brass Quintet reminding us that it’s Blue Skies from now on! Sometimes, there is no place like home. I am happy to a Wisconsinite…keep fermenting until next year!


The Driftless Brass Quintet


Pickled beets, my favorite!


Salad in a pickled jar


Bails of billiard balls

Candy bail of hay

Wrapped candy in the corner


and just because kids and cows are so cute…



January 5, 2013

New Italian Cookbook

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In honor of our upcoming trip my sister gave me a copy of Francis Mayes cookbook, The Tuscan Sun Cookbook: Recipes from Our Italian Kitchen. We immediately set to work on sampling recipes. The first of many is in the photo below…a beautiful red pepper tart with a nutty parmesan flavor and caramelized onions over a bed of zucchini held together with farm fresh eggs.


Everything in the book is enhanced with wine, cheese and love. Simple flavors where the ingredients shine.

A few other early favorites from the book that we already sampled are…clams with lemon & white wine over spaghetti (sans garlic and still fabulous I might add), shrimp with orecchiette and delectable poached pears in red wine. I look forward to experimenting with the ladies and preparing for our cooking class in Tuscany!

November 18, 2012

Enchanted May with the Ladies

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Our journey begins with the decision to stay at the Bed & Breakfast Fagiolari located near Panzano in Chianti (a small town perched on a hilltop halfway between Florence and Siena) Though early in our planning, having selected a location and booking our flights has generated excitement about the journey ahead of us in the hills of Tuscany!

Image of the B&B Fagiolari

December 1, 2010

27th Annual Monches Artisans Holiday Open House

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December 4 & 5, 2010
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

5890 Monches Road
Colgate, Wisconsin
phone: 262-966-2787


Monches Farm

Monches Farm Holiday Event

Follow up after the Saturday event

July 25, 2010

Reiking a Cow in Wisconsin

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So it’s been months since I spent much time online. Too many hours tapping computer keys during the day that  I so needed a break. So what brings me back? Stoughton and the cow whisperer. Yes, I really did say cow. Only in Wisconsin can you stop in to visit a friend and find that she had been on the farm Reiking a cow. Three strapping farmers couldn’t get this girl to move. They turned to Jessica and her “mojo”, as you can imagine…Bessie moved forward calmly and took her turn without complaint. If that isn’t intriguing enough to get you out to visit  Hands With Seeds, your curiosity may be in question. Check this out..moo

Intro to Animal Communication   Sunday, August 22nd | 1:30-3:00pm | $44
Introduction to Animal communication is designed for the absolute beginner. Our animals communicate with the use of pictures, feelings, and words. In this introduction we will explore the world of animal communication and expand awareness around the messages you are sending to and receiving from your pets. This class is a prerequisite for Animal Communication Level 1.

Check out all of the upcoming workshops here, Hands With Seeds  workshops

January 24, 2010

Chocolate and Trolls

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Recently, the van loaded up for a road trip to sweet Mt. Horeb the troll capital of the world. We weren’t hunting for little bearded men, but chocolate. Sjolinds Chocolate House on Main  St. was our destination. Its on the local Death By Chocolate tour by the way (on its 5th year)did you know that more chocolate is consumed in winter than any other time of the year? And, well this is Wisconsin after all, we know chocolate. Every year, our own Paula’s chocolate party is on every must attend list. But I digress, we are still on the road.

Mt. Horeb is a quaint little place full of tolls, (yes whimsical trolls line the streets) and there was a beautiful iridescent tea set in the basement of an antique shop that found a new home but back to chocolate.

So, it was cold and we all had hot chocolate—but this was the bittersweet, I need a glass of water, its addictive kind of cocoa! I had the Parisian laced with vanilla bean, others had the Italian with orange essence, and life was good. I would add more of what we talked about if it weren’t a week ago. I know we talked about the sting from the speeding ticket I just got as I heading to meet the van. About a natural food powder for cats that when mixed with water makes dry food irresistible and its good for them. I will try to post the recipe once I try it out on the felines. Mostly we caught up on the holiday action and planned our next adventure which was supposed be Nine at the Majestic,  but, since the projector went down (a really old and really cool movie projector) we rescheduled and that’s a tale for another day.

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