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February 20, 2010

CABI Home Party

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As woman have done for years, there is always some kind of home party trend happening. As long as there is no real pressure to buy, I say it’s all good. Spring is CABI fever for my lovely ones. It’s home shopping at its best. Great company, amazing food (as I keep saying, this group knows food—and great quality) Actually the clothes aren’t bad, stylistically “hit or miss” for me sometimes but there are always a few solid pieces with a bit of flair that stand out. Although the clothes are a bit pricey I hear they have great sales for the savvy shopper. This party is more like a high tea than a Tupperware event. For those of us who are too zaftig for CABI clothes, it’s still worth the company and dressing up live dolls. Even as a grownup, the little fashion designer within still gets a kick out of that part! (A side note of thanks to JJill and Talbots for allowing us big gals some classic clothes with a little flair too! Bring on the sales!) Anyway,  I will be there having a “CABI” experience all my own, I am always ready to party with these ladies!

The CABI postcard pic

I’m thinking of having a home party of my own—as hard to believe as that is for me to type—I never consider hosting these things (I am the worst sales person in the world and rarely feel guilty about not buying anything,  but I have a tennis pal who is a Wildtree rep and I keep thinking we should do it, and I actually mean it! Wildtree is an all natural gourmet food supplier and I think this group who would love it! Hmmm…guess I may have a little domestic hiding in there somewhere after all. Bring on the natural goodies!


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